1. “Chateau” by Angus and Julia Stone

We’re getting back into the swing of things after break, but Chateau is a great reminder of the good times that we experienced while traveling. It’s a relaxing song to hear while we go back to doing school work again.

2. “Imagine” by John Lennon

The tragedy and pain that happens everyday in this world can be extremely troublesome. Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and think as a “dreamer,” like Lennon did.

3. “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

Spring has sprung! This is a great tune to listen to remember that it’s finally going to start getting warmer.

4. “Alien Boy” by Oliver Tree

If you’re tired of vulgar rap songs, Tree puts an alternative twist on rap while portraying a great message of staying true to yourself.

5. “Famous” by Kanye

If you’re not tired of the usual rap, Kanye is always a good choice. Kanye pulls his inspiration from Bam Bam and Sister Nancy on this song.

6. “The Story I’ve Heard” by Blind Pilot

Blind Pilot’s lead singer has a soothing voice that will automatically put you in a happy mood to go along with this warm weather.

7. “Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee

This track will make you feel relaxed just by listening to Lee’s voice.

8.“Brazil” by Declan Mckenna 

A carefree, no stress song, “Brazil” will help clear your head and put you in a good mood.

9. “Comethru” by Jeremy Zucker

This is a perfect song for a relaxing night in with some friends.

10. “So Close” by NOTD, Felix Jaehn, Captain Cuts

If you’re not planning on having such a chill night, this song will get you in the mood to dance.

11. “When I’m Down” by Whethan and Oliver Tree

"When I’m Down” is a catchy, alternative pop-like song that reminds us that it’s okay to feel stressed out.

12.“Jessica WJ” by The Cayucas

If you’re into indie rock and pop music, this is a great song for you. The Cayucas mix of musical genres makes for awesome song combinations.

13. “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor and Mike Shinoda

One of the classic pump-up songs to remind us that our men’s basketball team made it to the NCAA tournament. Although they didn’t win, they gave nothing but heart and we deserve to be proud!

Contact Jessica Argento at jargento@colgate.edu.

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