I remember borderline quivering in my FSEM advisor’s office, not knowing what I wanted to do with my time at Colgate. I was uncertain about what I wanted to major in, what clubs I wanted to join or if I had even picked the right school for me. As he asked me about any extracurriculars I was looking to get involved in, I blurted out “I want to join the newspaper.” I wasn’t sure why I said this or if it was even something I wanted to do. But my FSEM professor was ecstatic about it. His face lit up and he told me that several of his previous FSEM students worked on the Maroon-News, and that he would put me in contact with them. Not knowing the very casual nature of our paper at the time, I showed up to meet the editor of the Arts & Features section in full interview mode. I look back now and realize how comically over-the-top that was. Needless to say, I became a writer and am now on senior staff. Some of my most memorable stories were hummus-making with the Israel Club and getting to interview Terry George, the director of “Hotel Rwanda.” The Maroon- News has become such an important part of my Colgate experience and has forced me to interact with places and people at Colgate that I may not have otherwise. I strongly encourage anyone, even if you are a senior, to submit an article or join the staff of such a fun and inclusive club.

By Reyna LaRiccia, Managing Editor

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