Four years ago, I wrote my college essay about being too nervous to speak in class throughout high school. I was afraid of what others would think of me, my answers or my opinions. But if you’ve gotten to know me over the past four years, “shy” and “quiet” are two words you would never use to describe me.

One of my goals in college was to gain some confidence and share my opinions. Colgate provided me with many opportunities to foster this voice. And one of these many ways was the Maroon-News.

I joined the paper during my first year as an Arts & Features writer because I didn’t think I was prepared to be interviewing seniors or members of the administration. Frankly, I didn’t know enough people on campus yet. I just knew I re- ally enjoyed the arts and culture. Little did I think that my interest or passion for writing about music would lend itself to two internships in the music industry. I wouldn’t have anticipated being an editor of the school paper by junior year, or on senior staff writing news—the exact same stories I was too scared to cover as a first-year—by my senior year.

So, thank you to everyone who read one of my articles for supporting me along the way. Thank you to the departments, faculty, students and friends who gave me meaningful responses and quotes to enhance a story. Thank you to my professors who heavily weighted participation grades for pushing to me to speak up. Thank you to those who gave me criticism for helping me grow. In four years, I’ve become a stronger student, a more conscious member of the community and a better ver- sion of myself because of the Maroon-News. I’ve found my voice—now I’m excited to use it in the real world.

By Julia Klein, Executive Editor

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