When I received my acceptance letter from Colgate, my eyes were still red from crying after being rejected from my dream school. I told myself that the rejection was only a momentary setback, that I would go to Colgate for a year, study hard and then transfer for my sophomore year. Obviously, that didn’t happen. By the end of my first year, something had changed. I began to call Colgate home.

This will definitely sound cliche, so bear with me, but the main thing that kept me here was not the prestige of the school or the opportunities that Colgate gave me, but the people. It was the friends whom I first met freshman year in Curtis Hall, the same friends who will be my housemates in Myrtle Beach as we celebrate our four years at Colgate. It was the professors who greeted me by name outside of class even though my shyness often kept me from participating. It was the staff whose kindness could brighten even the most stressful days.

We all know that Colgate is not perfect; I don’t have enough space in this article to list all the things that could be better. But years from now, the first thing that will come to mind when I think of my time here won’t be the mediocre dining hall food, the unreliable cruisers or the long winters, but instead all the people that made this campus feel like home.

By Stacy Silnik, Copy Editor

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