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A word from the Editors-in-Chief

Welcome to The Colgate Maroon-News!

The Colgate Maroon-News was founded as Madisonesis in 1868 and holds fame as being the oldest college weekly in America. Madisonesis evolved into the Colgate Maroon soon afterwards. A conservative paper formed in 1969 called the Colgate News and for 22 years, there were two competing newspapers on the Colgate campus. After the fall semester in 1991, the Colgate Maroon and Colgate News combined to form The Colgate Maroon-News.

Entering our 151st year, the Maroon-News has a lot of exciting plans for this year and beyond. We boast a dedicated, hard-working staff of up to 120 people and we are always welcoming new members.

Stay connected with us through social media on our Facebook, Twitter @maroonnews and Instagram @maroon_news, and contact with any questions.

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